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The sales agents program was initially set up for outside sales but with the popularity of the program due to the high payouts, many non profits, churches and other organizations have used the program as a fundraising program. Just adding a link to a website can turn into huge rewards by the end of the year.

The program is open to anyone that wants to refer anyone else to us for website hosting. Since most organizations have a small army of people willing to do that it has been a great way to earn money all year round.

In most cases the webmaster will sign up for an account and post a link on the organizations website along with an explanation that more than 1/2 of the cost of hosting will go directly to the organization.

Since the entire cost of hosting is just $240 a year and it is normally paid one month at a time in payments of $20, it is easy for business owners to afford. $150 of that cash goes directly to the organization.

It is not always easy to get people to write a check for $150 but they do buy things and that is the reason for fundraisers. Businesses need websites so why not get the one that pays something back?

Besides the incredible features that our system offers any business looking for a website, their payments will also go to support their charity. 100% of the first 3 checks go directly to the charity and then 50% of the next nine months. Payments are paid weekly, so the money flows fast directly to the organization.

Many companies try to offer their products for fundraisers but the prices are inflated or they make special editions that sell for twice as much as the normal products. We give you 60% and the price is exactly the same if you send someone to us or they buy directly from us. So the customer never feels like they overpaid. The customer can feel good about the money going to charity and still get what they need for their website at the regular price.

Compare it with other fundraising activities:

  • A link on the website is simple and requires very little effort

  • No money to invest

  • No product to order

  • No money to collect

  • Can produce money all year long

  • No costly advertising or fund drives

You just send people to the website and we collect the money and mail out the commissions every week. Your organization does not have any paperwork, no liability and no responsibility, just open the checks and cash them.

Even a small organization of just a few people could easily refer 20 people a year for $20 websites. The people only have to spend $20 each to get started and over the next year the organization is paid $3000.00.

You don't have to advertise it, you don't have to have a fundraising drive, just let members tell their friends about it, buy it themselves or advertise it in a newsletter or on the websites. It has proved to be a regular revenue stream for many organizations and much welcome cash.

One of the reasons it has been so successful for many churches and organizations is that they host their websites with us and really believe in the product we offer. A simple link on the bottom of the home page with a note "get a website like ours for $20 a month and $150 will be donated to our organization", can be enough to earn thousands of dollars a year.

If you would like your organization to participate you can simply sign up for a sales agent account and get started immediately. If you would like to know more you can read the sales agents articles or give us a call during our regular hours to discuss the program with us.


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*The displayed amount of $150 is a rounded number from the actual $149.62 to simplify the pages. Actual payments can vary based on when paid or how payments are collected. Read the full explanation here.

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